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Designed by pet care experts

myBuddy pet app® is the complete pet health care app and is available for FREE on both the Apple Store and Google Play. As well as being an electronic medical record for your pet, you can book appointments, order products and receive live updates from your vet if your pet is hospitalized. You can care for your entire pet family on myBuddy pet app® and set reminders for their appointments! Our app does more than simply connect you to your vet. You can also consult our detailed fact sheets, which include detailed illustrations and videos, for professional pet care information. You can also log all your pet activities on your phone. This information can be shared with your vet so they have a holistic view of your pet and can provide the highest level of care. Your vet can also share your pets medical records with you on the app.

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Designed by pet care experts


About Dr Moreau

Philippe Moreau, has been a veterinary practitioner for 17 years. He is one of the few specialists in France who is both a graduate of the European College of Internal Medicine (ECVIM) but also of Neurology (ECVN).

With his experience and knowledge of communication based on new technologies, Philippe Moreau is a passionate about animal health and well-being and has been working to develop practical and useful services for pet owners and animal health professionals.

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About Team/ Médi-Productions

Medi-Productions is a company owned and run by veterinarians. Our mission is to provide communication tools that are innovative and at a great price point for vets and animal healthcare professionals.

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Pet Parents

Your clients care for their pets

Make it easy for your clients to book appointments, order products from your practice and communicate with you during pet hospitalisation.

All reminders are sent via push notifications and are stored within the app's 'Pet Journal'.

Our pet care fact sheets help Pet Parents learn more about effective home care for their pets. Giving your clients a direct resource of reliable information about the best way to care for their pet's health. Well informed pet owners take better care of their pets. They are more engaged with their pet's health care and visit their vets more often for regular treatments and pro-active care.



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